19 December 2007

M.I.A., "Paper Planes" vs. The Man?

There's a whole lotta' shit flying over at Brooklyn Vegan regarding M.I.A's "Paper Planes". Apparently there was a whole to-do with MTV and Letterman censoring the vid and the song. The comments over there range from "OMG I LOVE M.I.A. SHE'S SO INSPIRATIONAL" to "Her dad's a terrorist, don't support her!" and it's all a bit crazy how worked up everyone is.

It's certainly not like M.I.A. is the first artist EVAR to be censored (nor will she be the last), and it's a tad annoying WHEN SHE WRITES IN CAPS ALL THE TIME. But I think her anger and frustration is, to a degree, warranted, and I don't think that pointing out that her dad is part of what is mainly considered to be a terrorist organisation is a valid way of invalidating her music or her message. All of which are, of course, open to individual interpretation.

But when it all comes down to it, say what you will- I like the song and I like the video.

Also: a non-holiday post, yay!

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  1. Everywhere I go, I hear gunshots and cash registers in my head...
    if nothing, it's just a really fucking catchy song.