09 January 2008


Re: this post.

Somebody gave Damian internet access again:

Hi Everybody.

It's me, Damian. Our fearless cyber-chief Jorge has gone missing. Apparently to Antarctica. Seriously. He said something like "if there's one chance in my life, it's now." It's a winning life-method for everyone, really, so when I get done writing this and then when you get done reading it, let's all meet up in Antarctica, and together we can kick Jorge's sorry ass for not writing this like he promised he would before he left.

Shows in New Orleans and Washington, DC very soon. New iTunes EP You're Not Alone coming even sooner. Like right now, almost. (February 5) New Record Coming soon.


We spent the 2nd anniversary of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans recording 5 songs with the trombone soul monsters Bonerama. They are the loudest, most brass-kicking brass-kickers you've ever heard, and I got to sing songs with them. It was ExtraGreat™, and now the world can hear what OK Go would sound like if we were the trombone soul orchestra we've always dreamt of being. It comes out on Fat Tuesday of Mardi Gras and the tracklist goes like this:

1) Rock 'N' Roll Suicide (the Bowie tune)
2) A Million Ways
3) Oh Lately It's So Quiet
4) It's a Disaster
5) I Shall Be Released (the Dylan Tune, with Al "Carnival Time" Johnson on vocals)

The EP will be available only on iTunes, and 100% — every last penny — of proceeds will go toward rebuilding the music community in New Orleans, which has been devastated by Katrina. iTunes even agreed to donate their share. Funds will be split between Sweet Home New Orleans and the fund for building Al "Carnival Time'" Johnson's home in the new habitat for Humanity Musicians' Village. I could go on forever about the recording and the cause, and how excited I am and how important it is, but there's not enough room here. The point is this: you need to buy these five lil' songs to help out the world a little. OK? Stop me me at a show and I'll go on and on about why.

To celebrate the upcoming EP release, we're playing two shows with Bonerama. And check this out: if you buy a ticket to either show, you get a free download of You're Not Alone, the day it comes out! It's the greatest thing since whatever I called ExtraGreat™ in the last paragraph! The first show is this Friday. Get on it! Get tickets now. Buy plane tickets and come to New Orleans for the weekend! It's the greatest place in America!

Jan 11 - New Orleans, LA - Tipitina's

Feb 2 - Washington, DC - 9:30 Club

Again, every cent raised by these shows will be donated to the cause. If you can't make it to either one, but you still want to prove how awesome you are, you should just donate to Sweet Home New Orleans right now. A special thanks to Music Travel Management, Horizon Entertainment Cargo, Sennheiser USA, and Gibson for making these shows possible.


This is kind of a lie. We're writing it right now, and it will be the best record we've ever made — I promise — but we haven't started recording yet, so everybody just cool out and be patient.

OK, that's it for today, but stay tuned for more great things next week, like how it's time to vote soon, how we're about to play a yay-voting show in NYC with my idols, and how we're going to South Africa in February.

Thanks. You're ExtraGreat™. See you in Antarctica.



Somebody stop him at a show and ask him why it's so important, and then record it for posterity, please.

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