13 January 2008

MySpace it (maybe.): The Teenagers' Reality Check. Plus, some Stuck.

The Teenagers' (not of the Frankie Lyman sort, sorry) new record, Reality Check is up for listen on their MySpace until it drops digitally in America on 15 January.

The Teenagers are an electropop rock band from Paris. While I'm generally a fan of the French electropop rock thing, and although they have some peppy, dancey tunes (the cheekily-titled "Starlett Johansson" is worth a listen, I like the opening of "Ill", and on the refrain of "Love No" they sound like some British band, though I can't put my finger on which one) and have remixed the likes of Air and others, I really can't see (or, rather, hear) what the fuss is about. Apparently a shit tonne of bloggers are all about the Teenagers, but I'm not impressed and, frankly, a little bored. The heavily accented speak-singing and juvenile lyrics ("I fucked my American cunt/I loved my English romance," "I'm not in love with you/But it's okay to stay with you") make me think of Serge Gainsbourg reinterpreted as a 17-year-old guy, and not in a good way at all. Also, the constant repetition of "we're (the) teenagers, buy our t-shirts, talk about us everywhere" ironic hipsterish self-promotion bit is annoying after a while. Immaturity can be a fun breath of fresh air, but I'm not buying it here.

At least they're appropriately named, in any case.

And now for a French band that I actually like: I stumbled upon this little interview by Fluo Kids with Stuck In The Sound frontman José from August 2007, after they'd gotten back from a summer festival circuit (which included Fête de la Musique and Festival Fnac Indétendances à Paris Plages). It's rather short and basic, and also very much in French, but I adore that he lists Paris as one of their top five countries in which to play. (I just adore him no matter what.)

Here's the great remix of "Toy Boy" that they posted with said interview:

Stuck In The Sound - "Toy Boy" (All That She Wants TEPR Remix) [zshare]

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