22 January 2008

New Song/MySpace it/New Tour Dates: Nightmare of You in the northeast again FINALLY.

I just moved into my new room at school this morning, and classes don't start 'til Monday, so you can probably expect some updates over the next few days as I wile away the last of my eight-month vacation from school.

But while we're still on that only-posting-about-the-same-three-bands-I-always-post-about kick, Nightmare of You announced that they're going to announce "a handful of shows for late February and early March in the Northeast." The only confirmed date so far is 13/3 at The Crazy Donkey on Long Island, which doesn't help me out much, but insider-y sources (ie, Rachel messaging Brandon Reilly) have unconfirmed reports of a Philly show the day before that and another possible show in Framingham, MA. (Though they could always play in NoHo and save me the three-hour bus ride. Please? Guys?)

More details when...well, when I have more details, I suppose.

Also, they have a new cover of Cheap Trick's "On Top of the World" up on their 'Space with which I'm not 100% taken, but yay for new stuff and yay for Cheap Trick.

(I also want to share with you that, midway through this post, I decided to go make a cup of tea 'cause man, is my throat sore, and then I found a dead ant in my tea kettle. Yech. Yeah, it's been a while since I was living as a full-on college student...)

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