09 January 2008

New Tour Dates: Looker, The Octagon, and then some.

The lads of The Octagon are on the move again, and heading up north with two Boston-area dates (amongst others) scheduled for the end of January before a homecoming at Union Hall on the 30th.

23 January Café Nine New Haven, CT
24 January TT the Bear's Cambridge, MA
25 January Radio Bean Burlington, VT
27 January The Space Portland, ME
28 January Great Scott Allston, MA
30 January Union Hall Brooklyn, NY

Meanwhile, the ladies (and gent) of Looker are finally a couple of New York-area shows- right as I move back up to the frozen wastes of western Mass. Figures.

13 January has them performing at the Living Room in the LES at the ungodly hour of 1 pm for Kidrockers, which is apparently "a concert series that began in January 2007 that brings some of the most engaging and vital artists in indie music and comedy to perform for kids and their parents. These all ages shows are designed to bring families together to enjoy new music. Artists perform original (not specifically made for children) songs in a manner that is both authentic and kid-friendly." Err. I'm not quite sure if I find that great or...not, but I suppose it's never too early to introduce your children to Looker, so have at it, kids! (Also, bugger your parents into buying some 7-inches while you're at it. Please?)

On 31 January, they'll be joining The Red Romance at the Mercury Lounge.

Oh, and the Gents are traveling pretty much anywhere and everywhere their banjos and kazoos will take them, so I'm sure they'll be playing by you soon. Catch them if/when you can. Shows are listed on their 'Space.

(In other news, I promise to write about some new stuff soon. Soon-ish. Promise.)

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