17 February 2008

Common People Party + I Am Un Chien !!

I don't live in Paris anymore, but that doesn't mean I don't pretend I live in Paris (or that I won't be back one day), and I'm always so intrigued by the Common People Party's posters that I've decided just to stick with announcing them here anyway. (When it comes to music scenes, I am a citizen of the world- I have no true hometown, no home scene, just bands that I like in cities that I like. Or so I feel.)

Anyway. Cette semaine au Batofar (you think they could have kicked off this soiree thing when I was actually living 15 minutes from le Batofar?):

Up this week, the dudes of I Am Un Chien !! ("I Am A Dog!!" for those not initiated in franglais.)

The boys of Stuck in the Sound have always had seemingly good connections with I Am Un Chien, though I only just figured out why: one half of Chien is David Fontao- that is, frontman-of-Stuck Jose Reis Fontao's brother. (The other half is Doug Cavanna. And a dog named Baptiste.)

Alors, David (avec les specs):

Et Jose:

And since I support anything and everything having to do with JRF (who, by the way, makes my shortlist of "Totally Bangable Rockstars," nevermind that his band is fucking good), I support these guys. Besides, it's more dirty French electro-rock, and we all know how much I like that stuff.

Go listen to "Grunge" (featuring JRF) on their 'Space.
If you're in the city of lights this weekend, head to the big red boat in the 13th on Friday night or la Fleche and see them play.

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