01 July 2008

Stuck In My Head : Those Heineken commercials. Yeah.

Err, so, been a while, yeah? This is sort of what my "summer vacation" has been like or the past few weeks: no job no job no job no money The Kooks OK Go sitting at home TV TV TV no Tullycraft no Vampire Weekend due to a deluge yes Nightmare of You still no job and marginal money. Sort of like summer '06, except with different bands.

So here's my lame attempt at an update until I get my ass back on track : Normally, I'm not a big TV person, but I've been watching quite a lot of it as of late, as noted above. Enter those new Heineken commercials wherein they've decided to use some catchy songs, presumably in the hopes of watchers thinking, "Hey, that's a good song! I think I'll have some Heineken now."

It's worked. Well, sort of. I haven't had any Heineken yet, but I do like the tunes.

Chris Knox - "It's Love"

Walter Meego - "Forever"

Yeah, yeah, I'll get back to updating regularly soon.

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