07 August 2008

My friends are going on tour.

This is a little comic thing I made about my friends. It's too big to post here.

So the boys of the BBB are going on this little mini-tour thinger, starting tonight, so if you're in any of the following cities I wholly encourage you to go throw produce at them buy them shots of Jameson's.

7th August - Monty's Krown - Rochester, NY
w/ The Bailey Quarters
8th August - Roc Bar - Cleveland, OH
w/ Bay State, Stonerelied, Royal Sub Sky, & Evanchuck/Lee
9th August - Ronny's Bar - Chicago, IL
w/ Mas Trueno, Vamplifier, and John Greenfield & the Tasteful Nudes (there's a band name for you.)
10th August - Uncommon Ground - Chicago, IL
w/ Gordon Wright

They're really nice guys, I swear.

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