04 December 2008

New Release / MySpace It : Up The Empire's putting out a new EP and having a party with the Bon Savants.

The hard copies of our new EP, Loose Ends, just arrived in the mail! The record is officially out on DEC 16th (with digital versions somewhat secretly available right now). You’ll be able to get your hands on a copy in person at a big blow out party we’re having at MERCURY LOUNGE on Wednesday, DEC. 17th with The Bon Savants and label mates Ford & Fitzroy (who, btw, just released their own record yesterday). You know you can’t wait!

I stumbled upon Up the Empire sometime in early '06 and I thought they'd split up since then and I was sad, but no! They are back with a new EP and a record release party to go along with it. It drops officially on the 16th (as detailed above), but you can buy it off of iTunes right now or just stream it off their 'Space.

Up The Empire - Volcano (off Light Rides The Super Major LP)

And they're playing that release show with the Bon fucking Savants, which, omg I'm fucking psyched no srsly. Have you heard "Between the Moon and the Ocean"? Because if you haven't, you need to rectify that right now.

Bon Savants - "Between the Moon and the Ocean"

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