20 March 2009

Fangirls On The Road, Day Three : MHoW, Brooklyn, 3/8/09

Credit to Rachel.

Credit to Rachel.

So while the rest of the blogosphere is updating the who, what, when, and where of SXSW, I'll just sit here, at home, in Jersey, and write about a tour that happened a week ago. No, I'm not jealous of any of you at all.

Of all the shows I was going, the New York date at MHoW was the most-anticipated, with the probably exception of Boston. Unfortunately, OK Go's performance was a notch below the two nights prior - something you wouldn't have noticed had you not been present at those other shows. But being as that was my case, it was a slight disappointment. Oppenheimer and Longwave were spot-on as usual, in any case, and guitarist Shannon Ferguson was back onstage with the latter, affording us an opportunity to yell, "WELCOME BACK, SHANNON" as obnoxiously as possible. Making the frontman laugh into the microphone from the balcony is an accomplishment.

Oh, Damian talked smack about me onstage. Witness:

And it was Andy Ross' 30th birthday, which meant the inevitable sing-along:

And, of course, the best line of the night:
"PLAY IT AGAIN!" - random dude
"Did you just yell 'play it again'? I have been heckled in my day, but I have never heard someone yell 'play it again' before." - Damian

Day four will feature the rest of those new songs I talked about last time, so hold tight. More photos (all like, five of them) can be found here.

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