07 April 2009

Phoenix were on SNL (duh), Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix EP is out.


So I just got accepted to teach just outside of Paris this fall. When I got the email, I started jumping around like a nutter (in only a towel! ooh la!), a marked difference from the last time I got accepted to live in France, when I was sort of "meh" about it and then became extremely terrified about it. This time around I'm really excited about it, though it pains me to realise that I'm going to have to leave friends and family and dear, dear New York behind.

So, let's talk about more French things! Like Phoenix! They played on SNL on Saturday! You probably already know that, because everyone else has already posted about it, but, evs. They played the first two releases from their upcoming LP, the ever-so modestly titled Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, which officially drops on 26th May (as well as "Too Young").


They've also just released an EP of the same name on iTunes, which is four tracks from the LP - the two above and "Love Like A Sunset" parts one and two. If you're dying to hear more new stuff from WAP, then download it. Otherwise, hold out for the whole record because it is, how do you say, à la hauteur.

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