30 May 2009

Oh, yeah. Northside's coming up! 11th- 14th June

I haven't been as good about posting or tweeting as of late, and I apologise - I haven't been feeling well, too lazy, writer's block, blah blah, etc.

It would be remiss of me, then, to come back and not mention the L Magazine's upcoming Northside Festival, a self-proclaimed "a four-day celebration of the independent music and art scene that thrives here in New York City."

The full, official line-up was announced on the 18th, and it's hella' long - I was going to repost the whole thing here, but I have to leave for work in a little while, so you can check that out over here. Instead, here are the showcases in which I'm particularly interested / will probably be making an appearance / would make an appearance at if I could physically be in two places at once, if all goes well. (Fingers crossed, because as excited as I am about this, I forgot to actually request the days off work. Oops.)

11th June

Uncensored Interview presents The Speakeasy: A Showcase of Transatlantic Alt-Folk
with Ólöf Arnalds, François Virot, Lisa Li-Lund, Sharon Van Etten, Ivana XL
Union Pool
Doors @ 7 pm / $10

12th June

EAR FARM presents Shilpa Ray & Her Happy Hookers, Sister Suvi, The Secret Life of Sofia, pow wow!, Coyote Eyes
Spike Hill
Doors @ 7pm / $8

KEXP presents Wild Yaks, Electric Tickle Machine, CHARLIE!
Doors @ 7pm

Pop Tarts Suck Toasted presents Brilliant Sweaters, Screaming Females, Sisters, Dinowalrus, Grooms (ex-Muggabears), The Great Unwashed, Home Video, Eula, Palomar, Murder Mystery, The Rabbits
Public Assembly
Doors @ 7:30pm / $10

Kanine Records, Frenchkiss Records & Insound present The Beets, Drink Up Buttercup, Zaza, Sean Bones, We Are Country Mice
with DJ sets by members of The Dodos and Dissenous + Hudson = The Andys (from Insound)
Bruar Falls
Doors @ 8pm

13th June

Hooves on the Turf presents Vandaveer, Sharon Van Etten, Glass Ghost, Luke Winslow-King, Drink Up Buttercup, Gracious Calamity, Afuche
Trophy Bar
Doors @ 1pm / FREE

Bishop Allen with special guests
Studio B
Doors @ 6pm / $17

Music Snobbery presents Les Sans Culottes, Tiger! Tiger!, The Anabolics, Julia Haltigan & the Hooligans
Spike Hill
Doors @ 8pm / $12

14th June

Ponytail with Thank You and special guests
curated by Ponytail
Venue TBD
Doors @ 8pm

Engine Room Recordings presents Murder Mystery, Wakey! Wakey!, Bamboo Shoots, The Bloodsugars, Porter Block
Public Assembly (back room)
Doors @ 7:30pm / $7

Seriously, that's just a few. I'd probably wind up reposting the whole damn list, which I won't, because, well, we covered that before.

$45 badges, which allow you festival-wide access, are still on sale here. You can also volunteer and get in for free.

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