06 May 2009

Sounds Like... : Tinted Windows covered the Buzzcocks live.

They played "I Don't Mind" at the Fader Fort at SXSW :

Tinted Windows just released their self-titled debut. Given that the band is fronted by one Taylor Hanson (with some other cool dudes, like, say Adam Schlesinger and Bun E. Carlos, in case you've been under a musical rock for the past few months), and given that my former love for Hanson has not gone unprofessed, and that the whole record makes me think of, um, a bunch of Hanson-like songs in a throwback to late '90s nostalgia, you'd probably assume that I'd be in love with it. Such is not the case. Pitchfork gave it a 3.5, and I'm wholly inclined to agree with them. It's not terrible, but nothing stands out; the effort is mediocre at best. If you're going to be a "supergroup," you better be doing something "super."

le sigh.

(Kudos to Popshifter for sharing the link.)

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