28 October 2007

New song: Nightmare of You, "You Don't Have To Tell Me I Was A Terrible Man"

Not sure if this is actually new or an old b-side or what, but NoY (as we refer to them in these parts) have posted a song I've never heard before, "You Don't Have To Tell Me I Was A Terrible Man," on their purevolume page.

It's typical NoY. Think "Why Am I Always Right?" mixed with "I Was Never A Normal Boy." But, man. I'd hate to be the one about whom the song was written:

You don't have to tell me
I was a terrible man
I'm already quite aware
Yet, so glad to finally
Have you out of my hair
And now you're gone,
You're finally gone

Ouch. Well. I'm sure that hits home.

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2 November 2007 Lamberton Hall, Lehigh Uni. Bethelehem, PA*
13 December 2007 Colchester Arts Center Colchester, England
14 December 2007 Carling Academy Islington London, England
15 December 2007 Carling Academy Birmingham Birmingham, England
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* with The King Left and Edison Glass

1 comment:

  1. It's an exclusive on Purevolume, but should really have been on 'Bang'. I'm looking forward to another full-length sometime though...