27 October 2007

Oh, sadness.

I'm not sure if any of you who bother reading this are familiar with Scamper, but they're one of my favouritest bands out there. I discovered them in late 2005 when they opened for OK Go and Juliette and the Licks. Their record, Leave Your Glasses On, makes me ridiculously happy; the Boulevards EP makes me a little sad and angry, but I still love it anyway. Lovely powerpop.

Unfortunately, the news from Scamperland is that the band is now on "indefinite hiatus", which, oh Jesus, makes me sad. I've only seen them live twice (including aforementioned October '05 show), and the last time was June '06 in New York (for which I made a rather sweet t-shirt, and now my boobs is on the internets). While I was swanning about in Paris for a year, these guys opened for OK Go (again) and Nada Surf. Grr.

I'm not particularly surprised by this news, though- the band itself hasn't been playing a lot of shows, guitarist Nate Rogers has been playing quite a few solo shows, and while they were supposedly working on new record material, it seemed more like they were taking a break. That doesn't make the news less sucky. LYGO is one of the few albums that makes me instantly happy.

I'm happy to learn that both bassist Brendan (who apparently was NOT involved with Letters to Cleo, I was just misinformed or not paying attention or both) and Nate will be going solo, or starting their own bands, which is great. I've wanted to go to one of Nate's solo shows for a while (Nate seems a to have a thing for nostalgia-soaked songs about ex-lovers, and as the sort of person who would rather listen to and cry over all the old songs that remind me of an ex instead of listening to something happier, I sort of relate), but distance has sort of made that an impossibility.

Gah. I am still so sad, though. :(


  1. I need to clear this up once and for all: Brendan has never, on any level, been a member of Letters to Cleo.

    I really don't know how that obscene mistruth ever came to pass.

    I guess I should also pimp out that those two new tunes (of the imaginary "new record") are now available on iTunes as "The Skylines EP."

  2. Was he not? Wow, I'm sort of ashamed that I believed that obscene mistruth.