31 October 2007

TPC & Happy Hallowe'en!

So I know there are a bunch of people out there who like Tokyo Police Club. They seem pretty popular, in any case.

But I was listening to "Citizens of Tomorrow" (link courtesy of Brooklyn Vegan) and found myself wondering, "...are they supposed to sound just like The Strokes?"

It's not necessarily a bad thing; I do quite like The Strokes. (Also, Nick Valensi is teh pretty.) And maybe that's an oversimplification. But actually, maybe it's not.

Perhaps I'll go stream some of their stuff later. But I have other bands that I want to write about first.

And besides, it's Hallowe'en! Favourite holiday of the year. So I'm off to get dressed and celebrate, as you should, too. (Me, trick-or-treating at nearly-22? Never! Well. Maybe.)

/crazy font

PS: EarFarm has a pretty awesome Halloween Mix up for download. Plus a post about Benji Cossa's new Halloween song, "What's That Sound," which actually you can download here and save yourself the hassle of clicking.

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