23 November 2007

New song/New release/MySpace It (for now): OK Go - "Gigantic" (Pixies cover) (&others)

Once upon a time, I was up-to-date on all the latest OK Go-related knowledge. Those days are no more because, dude, I've grown up a bit, and besides, a year spent in another country usually changes one's priorities. Also, they're sort of boring me now. (Make a new record already!)

*ahem* So I've known for a little while that they were going to do a song for Dig For Fire: A Tribute to the Pixies, but I didn't know what song, when it was coming out, etc. etc. because, as explained, I'm not so much for the paying attention anymore. Apparently they've covered "Gigantic" (as opposed to "Wave of Mutilation," which they were covering live over summer 2006), which I came across today on Facebook, of all places.

Not being a Pixies fan (I've just never actually pursued their music, to be honest), I can't compare it to the original. As an OK Go song, I quite like it, because it's new material and yet it reminds me of old school OK Go, circa Appendices. It sounds a lot more like, say, "Minuet in C# Minor" or "Letterbox" (another cover, this one of the They Might Be Giants' song) or even "Unrequited Orchestra of Locomotion". (In fact, I believe that some of those tracks off of Appendices, which is really OK Go-before-they-were-OK Go, were created by frontman Damian Kulash's Pixies-inspired college band, A La Playa. Which, in this case, makes total sense. This is a sound he's played with before.) It's got the elements you've come to expect from OK Go (say, Damian's falsetto) but with a harder edge.

And after nearly two and a half years of pounding down Oh No, it's ridiculously refreshing. It's interesting to see their sound sort of come full circle, from the distortion-filled noise of Appendices to the over-produced candy of OK Go to the more accessible, less polished Oh No (somewhat a product of its 2005 times) and back to this- the old mixed with the new.

If this is what we can expect from OK Go in the future, then, well, I'm all for that.

Dig For Fire: A Tribute to the Pixies is currently available on iTunes. It's released in physical format on 27 November. You can pre-order it here.

Full track listing:
Bedroom Walls - 'Stormy Weather'
British Sea Power - 'Caribou'
Bunnies - 'Alec Eiffel'
Charles Douglas - 'Bone Machine'
David Miller - 'Manta Ray'
Dylan In The Movies - 'Down To The Well'
Elk City - 'Monkey Gone To Heaven' & 'Number 13 Baby'
Fashion Victims - 'Hey'
Joe Harvard Band - 'In Heaven (Everything Is Fine)'
John Strohm - 'Where Is My Mind?'
Joy Zipper - 'Wave of Mutilation'
Julie Peel - 'The Happening'
kNIFE & fORK (featuring Eric Drew Feldman) - 'Motorway To Roswell'
Mogwai - 'Gouge Away'
Morning Theft - 'Ana'
OK Go - 'Gigantic'
PC Munoz - 'I Bleed'
The Commons w/Elizabeth Harper - 'Here Comes Your Man'
The Rosebuds - 'Break My Body'
They Might Be Giants - 'Havalina'

Listen to OK Go's cover of "Gigantic" on their 'Space.

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