08 November 2007

Popfest! New England 2007

Right, so, yet again, I totally fail at paying attention. Apparently Popfest! New England is going on this very weekend in Northampton, MA. As luck would have it, I'm currently in NoHo visiting friends. As luck would not have it, I'm supposed to be going home on Friday or Saturday because. Um. My parents need the car back?

In any case, some smart wrangling may allow me to go to the Friday show- if I feel like it. After giving the bands on tomorrow's set a listen via the 'Space, I'm really only intrigued by the last three. So excuse me if I show up halfway through the set.

(Oh, also, The Toothaches' "Sophia" brings the number of songs-by-Boston-area-bands-about-girls-named-Sophie/a to a whopping.....two. Except that "Sophia" is so fucking ridiculously twee, I think it's still stuck in my teeth. (Hence the name "The Toothaches"?)

Fuck, I like twee, and they sound cute, but I can only stand so much sugar. I think I need to go brush my teeth.)

ETA: Okay, so I didn't go to any of Popfest! this year. Instead, I chose to hang around with my underage friends watching Dangerous Liaisons and knitting. No kidding.

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