12 November 2007

Versus found; mind blown.

Sometime during my first year of college (we call it "first year" where I'm from, not "freshman year," because we like to fight the patriarchy), my friend Erica introduced me to a website where one could search out bands and download free mp3s. Sounds sort of like, well...a lot of sites, and I can't remember its name for the life of me. Maybe that's because I only ever downloaded songs from two bands from the site before I forgot about it.

Anyway, one of said two bands was called Versus, and their song "I Love the WB" became my theme song for November 2005, even though, looking back on it, the song didn't really reflect my life at the time all that well. (And for the record, I can't really stand the WB.) I also thought "Eskimo" was fun. I knew both were on a record called Hurrah. And I could never find out more. Any further searches into this band proved utterly fruitless, so I more or less gave up.

Apparently, I just wasn't searching hard enough. Today, I came across this post on Brooklyn Vegan:

1990s indie faves Versus reunited for their second show since breaking up in 2001. This wasn't the start of a reformation, however -- this was a 40th birthday present for former Teenbeat labelmate Matthew Datesman, who has logged time playing drums for various bands on that influential Arlington, VA label, including True Love Always, Aden, and currently Flin Flon. Teenbeat prez and Flin Flon singer Mark Robinson (who still looks like he's 25) was one of the 50 or in attendence, most of whom were super-psyched to be seeing Versus. (via Sound Bites)

1990s indie faves? You mean I'm not the only person in the world who knew about this band?? You mean they weren't some obscure act that made one record and then disappeared off the face of the earth??? Well, how about that. (In fact, speaking of records, check out that discography.)

So let's hear it for rediscovery, shall we? Maybe next time I'll try a little harder before giving up.

(In the interest of full disclosure, the other band was Tullycraft, whom I'd also believed to have fallen off the face of the planet, only to rediscover them this summer when I read about Popfest! New England for the first time. Life's odd like that.)

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