21 November 2007

Stuck In My Head: Shout Out Louds - "A Track and A Train"

I had my iPod on shuffle last night, and it shot out a pretty good shufflemix, à la Shufflelovers. This may have to do with the fact that half the music it was spewing out was, in fact, stolen from Mr. Shufflelovers' desktop.

This song by the Shout Out Louds wasn't. It caught me by surprise (and it's not like I haven't heard it before); I thought it really lovely and that the intro was particularly fitting of the upcoming season because it sounds all sort of Christmas-y, like dropping snowflakes, a little snow globe of a love song. It opens with Everyone's got someone/And I got no one (so true!), but then it becomes But here it comes at last/And my heart is beating faster.... And nope, it hasn't come at last for me, but I still appreciate the prettiness of this shimmery little song. It's probably going to get a bunch of plays over the next few weeks.

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