17 November 2007

MySpace it: The Ones That Got Away

I've already posted about Looker's fabulous new 7" single, available for purchase here, that's been seeing heavy rotation (metaphorically speaking, at least until I go dig out the turntable again) since August. I was giving their debut record, Born Too Late, a veritable listen for the first time the other day, while on line at the post office, and I actually wasn't too taken by it. The vocal style got to me after a while (rather, a bit), and I found myself skipping songs a lot because of it. Odd, because I generally enjoy "Radio" and "Tickle My Spine," the two older songs they've got posted on their 'Space.

And it's not like the girls can't sing, as evidenced on the "After My Divorce" 7" and by side project The Ones That Got Away. Featuring half of Looker, The Ones That Got Away was born of "Friday nights in a tiny East Village apartment with 2 mics, an upright bass and whoever felt like coming over and playing." Are these modern sea shanties? Pared-down, wanton rock jams? I'm not sure, but "I Wanna Take You Home" has been stuck in my head for a few days now, and I don't think I want it to go away.

It doesn't look like there's too much going on with this group, though, which is a shame. We'll wait and see. In the meantime, I'll give BTL another go.

Listen up here.
You can always download "After My Divorce" for free here.

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