29 November 2007

Video Throwback: Devo, Dead Milkmen, Adam Ant (plus the Spice Girls)

Because I'm too tired and lazy to write something intelligent-sounding, y'all are getting some videos tonight. (I like how I only ever update this thing around midnight.)

The last time I was up in Massachusetts, Erica, Will, and I somehow got on the subject of covers of The Stones' "Satisfaction." One thing led to another, and we wound up watching, amongst others, this video by Devo. Will then said I should post this in my blog. So this is mainly for Will's, er, satisfaction.

Anyway, there's a guy in skinny red pants dancing in front of some sort of paisley-esque background, and well, we all know what that reminds me of. (Ouch, ending with a preposition. Too lazy to change!)

As I was rewatching this video pre-post, it inexplicably reminded me of the Dead Milkmen's video for "Punk Rock Girl." Maybe it's because...nope, I don't really know why. But isn't Rodney adorable? I think he is. Also, zombies!

And then I wound up watching Adam and the Ants' "Antmusic." The first time I heard the original version of this song was when I saw this video on Vh1 Classic (also where I'd seen "Punk Rock Girl" for the first time); prior to that, I'd only heard this version. My mom came upstairs while it was on and exclaimed, "Adam and the Ants! I have this record downstairs!"

Which then prompted me to get my dad to set up the turntable, and my parents came up from the basement, clutching old Beatles and Adam Ants records. It was pretty amazing.

And now my dad's stashed the turntable away somewhere, and I've been too lazy to go find it.

Loves it.

Finally, is anyone else as mad as I am about Mel B. NOT winning Dancing With the Stars?? Other than my mom? (Not that I pay attention to this sort of thing! Please don't think that I do!)

Placate your anger by watching the Spice Girls' Tesco Christmas advert. It's funny, I promise.

New goal for next time: write a post without some sort of OK Go-reference, however thinly veiled.


  1. I am satisfied as hell, I don't mind telling you.

  2. All for you, baby, all for you. xxx