30 November 2007

Introducing Popshifter.com

Popshifter.com: A Webzine For Everyone Who Is Tired Of Feeling Guilty For Caring About Pop Culture

TORONTO, ONTARIO—November 30, 2007.

Popshifter.com— A revolutionary new webzine that aims to take the pop culture road less traveled and make people love, laugh, cry, and think. Popshifter.com will take the "dumb" out of fandom and make it enjoyable again. Popshifter.com will focus on those facets of pop culture that deserve a second glance.

After the untimely demise of the infamous fanzine Smack Dab in 1998, there was a void. Fans across the world were devastated. "Where will we find information about pop culture?" they wailed as they gnashed their teeth.

At the same time, the Internet was exploding and hundreds of pop culture websites sprang up like toadstools after a heavy rain. Yet none of these websites met the needs of the devastated fans, the fans crying for a magazine that was a "perfect combination of Sixteen and Creem."

Their cries have now been answered. Less Lee Moore, writer, editor, bon vivant, gadfly, and creator of Smack Dab and TheAutomatik.com, has now created Popshifter.com, the webzine for everyone who is tired of feeling guilty for caring about pop culture. Less Lee Moore states, "I have fantastic writers from Portland, Oregon to New York City and beyond, so there will be something for everyone at Popshifter.com."

Internet scientists have proclaimed that "Popshifter.com will have more site hits than Jesus," but laboratory tests have proved inconclusive thus far.

Popshifter.com: One Giant Leap For Fankind. For further information contact Less Lee Moore at Popshifter.com

One of my LJ friends runs this, and she pretty much has exceptional taste in, well, everything, and she's a great writer, and she's gotten a bunch of other great writers with great taste to write stuff with her, all in the name of taking the "dumb" out of fandom, putting the "cult" back in pop culture, and avoiding the ironic indie hipster like the plague. Sound like my kind of people.

So if you're bored, procrastinating, fed up, avoiding work, or whatever your excuse is, give it a spin.


  1. Thanks for posting the link to the site!

  2. No problem. :) I kept meaning to email you and let you know/ask if that was okay.