01 December 2007

For the Europeans, you lucky ducks.

The Atlantic Ocean is presenting itself as a problem yet again.

See, around this time last year, I was being sad and whiney* and sending out emo MySpace bulletins because I was in Paris and totally not enjoying myself and was actually pretty miserable because I wanted to be home and the boy I liked was in another country and that band that I really like opened for that other band that I really like AGAIN** and then there was some pretty cool stuff that went down in the Valley, but that wasn't 'til May, but you get the gist of it. I wasn't happy and I wanted out.

Now that I'm back home in the States, I really want to be back in Paris. As much as last year was a complete and utter mess, I'd like to be back. Part of this is because I'm stuck at home in Jersey, and while I do go into the city quite often, it's not quite the same experience. I'm bored with the 'burbs. Basically. Abuse of alliteration.

The other part is because all the fucking cool stuff is going on in Europe! First off, those damn Brits are getting Nightmare of You back for three dates in December.

Yes, I like NOY. No, I can't listen to half of their songs because they make me cry. (Compulsively! Compulsively, I may add.) But really, NYC is their hometown, do you think they could at least step up and do a few shows there first?

(Okay, they did. In October. I was IN THE HOSPITAL. Not my fault. Also, yes, this is sort of old news for those of us who have had NOY in their top 8 for...a while. Shush.)

Right around the same time in Paris, however, is It's Festival is going down at the Fleche d'Or, and my French darlings Stuck In The Sound are headlining this year.

That means three days of the Toy Boys playing and DJing at la Fleche. Mofos never played at la Fleche when I was in Paris.

If you're going to be ANYWHERE near Paris during those three dates, GO. TO. THESE. SHOWS. Do I need to remind y'all of what a good time was had at their show at La Maroquinerie? Also, La Fleche is tinier than La Maroq, AND it's free.

Vous me faites mal, tous, vous savez ca?

*It's nice to see that my location has not impeded my ability to be whiney.
**All right, I made it ONE WHOLE POST without mentioning OK Go. I suck. I'm sorry.

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