04 December 2007

Holiday song project: 3 and 4 December

So I was lazy yesterday and didn't feel like choosing a song and writing about it. Isn't sloth a deadly sin? And does it apply to, you know, updating your blog? Hm.

Okay, so you're getting two songs today to make up for that. (Maybe I'll stick to updating this every other day...)

Yesterday, The Black Arts released a new Christmas single. This begs two questions:

1) Who are The Black Arts?: The Black Arts would be Black Box Recorder and Art Brut's Eddie Argos, along with some other friends, who decided to get together and write a tongue-in-cheek parody of the Christmas #1 tradition.

2) What the hell is the Christmas #1 tradition?: Well, apparently, in the UK, it's a pretty big deal to have a song on the top of the charts come 25 December. Don't ask me why, I'm not British.

Anyway, the Black Arts have unleashed their own "Christmas Number One" into the fray, a song about- you guessed it- a holiday song that goes terribly awry and takes over and starts insisting it's Father Christmas and other such things. It's pretty funny, and doesn't come off as campy or over-the-top, which would be pretty easy to do considering the topic.

So will "Christmas Number One" be this year's Christmas number one? I think that would be pretty great. Until then, you can hear part of the song over here on their MySpace. Or you can check out the video:

It's also currently available for download, and will soon be available on a limited edition 7" from Fantastic Plastic Records.

(I would link you guys up with a downloadable copy, but I haven't got it on my comp, and besides, would it kill you to spent the 99 cents this time around?)

(Thanks to Stereogum for a lot of that info.)

Speaking of Christmas number ones, did you know that The Beatles and the Spice Girls are the only acts to have had three consecutive Christmas number one singles? Bet you didn't.

In honour of that and the fact that they just kicked off their reunion tour last night, here's the Spice Girls' version of "Christmas Wrapping."

Spice Girls - Christmas Wrapping

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