06 December 2007

Holiday song project: 5 and 6 December

Clearly, posting every-other day is working out.

It's time for the two songs that start off my "Christmas Stuff" playlist*, because they sound good together.

Last winter, I was bemoaning the fact that I'd left all my holiday music in the States. I'd like to say that my friends gave me a hand, but sadly, this wasn't true, because apparently they all hate Christmas music. Pfft. Evs.**

Joe came through for me, though, and introduced me to this song by The Singles. The Singles are a powerpop/rock band with a really great old school, early Beatles, '60s Britrock vibe, complete with requisite skinny ties and scene kid glasses. Maybe that's a little done to death? I don't know, but it's the sort of thing I like, if you haven't noticed already. Here's their 2006 Christmas single (haha, get it?):

The Singles - Baby, It's Christmas

Also released last year was OK Go's*** cover of The Kinks' "Father Christmas." Leave it up to OK Go to do a Christmas cover that's also a social commentary. I wouldn't expect anything less of them.

OK Go - Father Christmas (The Kinks cover)

Play these two back-to-back.

*This isn't a mixlist proper; as I've said before, I've never actually gone and made a mix of my favourite songs. This is just all the Christmas music I have on my iTunes mashed into one big list for convenience's sake.
**OMG did I just use "evs"??? *hates self for a moment*
***I made it four posts this time. Aren't you proud of me?

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