16 January 2008

Common People Party + WAT (not WAS).

Ce soir au Batofar:

Looks like good times. Makes me slightly upset that I only went to Batofar once in the whole year I was in Paris, considering it was a 15-minute walk from my apartment.

I was just going to post the flyer and be done with it, but then I went in search of the possibly tastelessly-named We Are Terrorists, or WAT. (Not WAS. Don't get confused.)

You pretty much have to hand it to any band that would not only name themselves something like We Are Terrorists, but make songs entitled "Ground Zero" and "Emergency 911," plus make a music video in which they plan to blow up some stuff in order to get more press. Also, they look like this:

Don't worry- Ben and Nico aren't out to terrorize you so much as to terrorize music in general. ("We are sound terrorists, we place bass bomb everywhere we go!") Think of a more fuzzed-out Daft Punk, a pop and Eurodance base layered with distorted bass and vocals in French and English. Tell me somehow that their remix of Revolte's "Ironical Sexism" don't make you want to get up and dance.

They're pretty funny guys, to boot, the sort that make serious dance tunes but don't necessarily take themselves seriously. (Q: Do you have a secret fantasy? Nico: I'm married, so I'm not allowed to have fantasies.) Really, if you get past the blowing-shit-up bit, that video is pretty hilarious. ("I'll be there in two seconds!" and then he shows up with bubbles still in his hair. Ha! Classic.) Not forgetting their blatant self-promotion with cheekily-titled tunes such as "Achete Mes Disques" ("Buy My Discs") and "Blast Mon Blog" ("Blast My Blog"). This, my friends, is self-whoring, dirty French electrorock done right, so you might want to take some notes, kids.

WAT - Achete Mes Disques
Revolte - Ironical Sexism (WAT Remix)

You can achete le disque de WAT, Don't Panic, ici.
They'll be at Batofar tonight, and La Loco in the 18th on 28 February. (Not that any of you live in Paris or anything.)

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