31 January 2008

New songs/MySpace It: The Red Romance and Looker

Both Looker and The Red Romance have posted brand-spanking new songs on their respective 'Spaces today.

Looker's "Gates of the Old City" and "Help Me Roada" come from their upcoming "Gates of the Old City" single, out on Serious Business on 4 March. "Roada" feels like the sort of summery pop song that belongs floating through your car speakers as you drive nowhere on the interstate, while I really adore the harmonies on the second and third refrains in "Gates". They don't incite the same emotional attachment for me as the "After My Divorce" single did, but then again, that's a very particular case, and these are two very lovely tracks. (Also, a live version of "Spit For Your Shine" live from BBC Radio 1 is up as well.)

Meanwhile, the Red Romance is offering up three cuts from their upcoming self-titled debut LP, due out this year sometime. You know me, I'm a sucker for that '80s throwback feel, and while I don't particularly care for the "oh-whoa-whoa" bit in "Kinda Feels Right," I'm really taken by "Hesitate."

Both bands are playing the Mercury Lounge (with The Orion Experience) tomorrow, 31 January, and again at TCNJ on 1 February and Luna Lounge on 7 March. I would be heading out to see them this weekend, but I've got some other business to which I must attend*, so I'll have to hold out for this bill at a more convenient point.

(*Speaking of which, Nate has been writing some really nice things about his soon-to-be former fellow bandmates, so any of you who are actually reading** this are totally encouraged to go read said posts. Also, I know I said I'd do some updates last week, but, ya' know, life, so don't hold out for anything until I get back from Boston this weekend, 'kay? 'Kay.)

(**I like how I pretend I have readership. :P)

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