08 February 2008

Look, Ma, I made a mixlist!: "Get On Your Dancing Shoes (You Sexy Little Swine)"

I made this dance mix a while ago, with the intention of making some "cover" art (so to speak) to go with it, but I never got around to that. I didn't actually get a chance to test it out on a live crowd of dancing people, though, until Saturday night (Sunday morning, actually), when I was dubbed the official DJ of the after party, mainly by default. (Seriously, how some of Boston's finest pop rockers and their closest friends and family(?) wound up at a house party, and none of them stopped to think, "Hey, maybe I should bring my iPod along, ya' know, for the tunes and dancing and such," is sort of beyond me.) At one point, someone told me, "You are the party right now."

Regardless, everyone (or at least those who were dancing) seemed to like my choice in dance tunes (though maybe I was too drunk to notice otherwise), which included this mix. I skipped over tracks three (great remix, but a little long) and five (because I wasn't sure how they'd respond to the Spice Girls), but it went well overall, I think.

1) "Dancing Shoes" - Arctic Monkeys
The boys from Baker kept demanding more Arctic Monkeys. When I finally wandered away from my iPod around 4:30 am, that's what they put on.

2) "Loser" - The Plasticines (Les Petits Pilous remix)
Wow, this song makes me want to dance. Also, I like when indie rock kids want to know what I'm playing, because it gives me some confidence in my faux DJ-ing ability.

3) "Sci Fi Kids" - Blitzen Trapper (Principal Participant 'Kingswood' Remix)
I think I stole this from Stereogum over the summer. A little slower, a little longer, but still danceable.

4) "The Love Cats" - The Cure
Somebody asked me what song this was. I just stared at him.

5) "Who Do You Think You Are?" - Spice Girls
Say what you want, this is great for the dancefloor.

6) "Let's Make Love and Listen to Death From Above" - CSS
I mean, CSS is great for a dance party. I don't know if I like this one more than "Hot Hot Sex" (also played that night), which I love mainly for the Portuguese rap at the end.

7) "Don't Start" - Franz Ferdinand
A lovely FF b-side that starts out quieter and then blasts in on the refrain.

8) "It's A Hit" - We Are Scientists
I think I've listened to this song too many times.

9) "Tits & Acid" - Simian Mobile Disco
The title says it all.

10) "Heart of Glass" - Blondie
Classic. My copy is a little quiet, though.

Mix with LCD Soundsystem, Peaches, some more CSS, and maybe a little Britney, add some indie rock boys and too much champagne, and call it a party. Just don't be like me and try to get to bed before you crash at 6:30 am.

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