04 January 2008

Stuck In My Head: The Long Blondes - "Peterborough"

Happy New Year, everyone. I don't know about you lot, but 2007 was a pretty crazy year for me. I don't think I've experienced one yet that was quite so life-changing, for both good and bad.

2008 (or whatever the hell you want to name it) is, so far, better than 2007, if only because I didn't spend New Year's Eve (or the day after, or the day after that) crying in the bathroom (or bawling on the dancefloor). It's hard to believe that was 365+ days ago- it feels alternatively like yesterday and a lifetime ago. What a way to kick off a year.

Back to now- I just recently stumbled on this b-side from the Long Blondes, "Peterborough," which I find both ironic and downright amusing, if only because the Long Blondes soundtracked much of 2007 for me, and the things and persons and events and feelings with which I associate their music have much to do with Ptown. In fact, guess where I was when the ball dropped in 2007?

The Long Blondes - "Peterborough"

Kate Jackson would rather be in Sheffield than Peterborough. So would I.

Here's to a 2008 that's a little quieter and hopefully a little happier than last year.

(The LB's new single and record drops this spring; they're touring the UK in March. Dates and info are available on their 'Space.)

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