30 December 2007

Stuck In My Head: Vicky's Gets The Groove On

Sorry for the lack of posting post-Christmas, or really the lack of non-holiday oriented posting all month long. Most bloggers are taking this month to post their "Best of/Worst of 2007" lists. I'm really not so much for that. I could tell you, say, that I listened to Someone to Drive You Home and Nevermind the Living Dead a lot in the spring and lots of old WAS stuff and some of this and some of that, but really, who am I to tell you what was the "best" and what was the "worst"? Go make up your own damn minds. I'm a lot better at making to-do lists that never get finished.

Also, I have this job. I think I've mentioned this job a few times before. I'm not even working full-time, but it sure feels like I'm working a LOT. Maybe this is because I haven't actually had a job since, oh...January 2006? I've forgotten what it feels like, I guess.

Anyway, there are some perks to said job, like free stuff, but that doesn't help you much, does it? They also, surprisingly, play some good tunes. Stuff from, say, the Shout Out Louds (am I on a Shout Out Louds bender or what?), VHS or Beta, Hot Chip, Athlete, what I'm pretty sure is The Bird and The Bee, and what I thought was Metric but actually turned out to be Ladytron.

Maybe it's a little weird to give you a bunch of songs that I hear all day at work, but every time the Camp America remix of "Hurricane" comes on, I can't help but declare, "I have this on my iPod!" and dance along.

Athlete - "Hurricane" (Camp America Remix)
The Bird and the Bee - "Polite Dance Song"
VHS or Beta - "Bring On The Comets"
Shout Out Louds - "Tonight I Have To Leave It"
Ladytron - "International Dateline"

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