27 February 2008

New (re)Release: Tally Hall, Marvin's Marvelous Mechancial Museum

Paradise Rock Club, Boston, MA.

Tally Hall are a lovely pop band from gloomy Ann Arbor, MI, and they wrote just for you these irrelevent...oh, wait. Wrong band.*

Well, okay, Tally Hall really is made up of five guys from Ann Arbor, MI, all easily identifiable by which colour tie they wear onstage. (So, instead of being, say, Joey Ramone or Ben Lashes, it's like...Zubin Blue Tie. Sort of. Go look at their 'Space to see what I mean.) And they do play some really great pop rock songs. I saw them open for OK Go two years ago (You mean a band opened for OK Go and I really liked them? Gosh, that NEVER happens!), and they were they really cute and energetic and lots of fun and super-sweet, and my roommate, who would marry all of The Clash if he could, was so smitten that he went and bought a Tally Hall t-shirt. Just making a point. (I was just slightly weirded out by the fact that Rob Yellow Tie looks EXACTLY like my ex-boyfriend named...Rob.)

Tragically, I sort of forgot about them for...well, two years. But lo and behold, on 1 April, the boys will be re-releasing their debut record, Marvin's Marvelous Mechancial Museum (and you accuse me of abusing alliteration...) on Atlantic Records. Which, yay for them. Apparently they've "remixed and remastered it, and now it's FANCIER."

Also, they made a great video for "Good Day":

AND they're going on tour again (kicking off tonight), but nowhere near where I live. Hmph. But if you live on the West Coast or in the Mid-West, do go see them. It'll be good times, I promise.

27/2/08 Modified-Phoenix, AZ
28/2/08 Beauty Bar-San Diego, CA
1/3/08 Troubadour-Los Angeles, CA
2/3/08 Rickshaw Stop-San Francisco, CA
4/3/08 Roseland Grill-Portland, OR
5/3/08 Nectar Lounge-Seattle, WA
7/3/08 Velour-Provo, UT
8/3/08 University of Boulder-Boulder, CO
9/3/08 Hi-Dive-Denver, CO
14/3/08 Home Slice Pizza-Austin, TX
15/3/08 Buffalo Billiards-Austin, TX
The West Tent in Brush Square Park-Austin, TX
17/3/08 Crush Lounge-Tulsa, OK*
18/3/08 The Bluebird-St. Louis, MO*
19/3/08 Vaudeville Mews-Des Moines, IA*
20/3/08 Schubas Tavern-Chicago, IL*
21/3/08 Schubas Tavern-Chicago, IL*
22/3/08 The Intersection-Grand Rapids, MI*
5/4/08 Mac's-Lansing, MI*
6/4/08 Rubble's Bar-Mt. Pleasant, MI*

*w/ The Spinto Band

You can check out some of the new, FANCIER tunes on their 'Space, as well as a cover of The Killers' "Smile Like You Mean It."

*(Oh, come on, admit it, that was FUNNY, right? I'm dead clever.)

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