12 March 2008

Oh NOES! Common People Party: LA DERNIERE!

So apparently next Wednesday's Common People Party at the Batofar is going to be the LAST Common People Party ever. Which means I need to find a new monthly/weekly Parisian soirée to follow.

Playing live are LaViolette, who just played La Flèche. They sound pretty good and have a few upcoming shows (en France, bien sûr):

14 March Le VIP Room(Soirée Trend)- Paris, France
19 March Le Batofar (Soirée Common People Party) - Paris, France
22 March La Flèche d'Or - Paris, France
27 March Le Sirius - Lyon, France
5 April Gala Dauphine - Paris, France
15 April L'Heretic - Bourdeaux, France

*sigh* I'm really going to miss the awesome party fliers....

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