01 April 2008

Oh, sadness, part 3 (of what looks like it's going to be 6,382,487, the rate we're going) : Milburn

News from that other Sheffield-based band that I like, Milburn, is that, after just a few short years together, they're calling it quits. Grr!

From the boys:

It may not come as a great surprise to many of you but unfortunately after much consideration we’ve decided that Milburn has run it’s course.

There’s been no malice or falling out between us and we still remain friends and supporters of each other as we move on and explore new musical horizons.

Not everyone in the music media understood us but you the fans did and over the last 2-3 years we’ve shared some amazing experiences that we’ll never forget and we feel very privileged to have done so.

We want to sincerely thank everyone of you that supported us along the way. It’s been overwhelming.

For this reason we’d like to play one last gig. There’s also a few songs left over from the second album that we’re going to make available. The songs are "District Line" and "Stay At Home" and we’ll post details on how to get them as soon as possible.

The gig will take place on 24th May at Sheffield Academy.

Thanks again,
Love as always

Tom, Joe, Greeny and Louis

I came across this news a few days ago, maybe last week, and had sort of filed it into the back of my mind, as "write about this at a later date."

Then, two days ago, I was working on my commentary for that Fall '06 playlist I keep meaning to post, listening to "Storm in a Teacup," and all of a sudden, I was really devastated. Here's the thing about Milburn: I like them, but I've never seen them live, I've never met them, I've never actually bought their records (not for lack of trying; also I was a tad disappointed that their debut, Well Well Well, made them sound a bunch like the Arctic Monkeys). Hell, I didn't even know they'd released a second record last fall. That's mainly because I was listening and paying attention to Milburn while I was living in Paris, and after I'd moved back, they sort of disappeared. So whereas I've been listening to all the big anthems of fall 2006 since then ("Days Go," anyone?), Milburn's been sort of tucked away, waiting to be rediscovered, waiting for the emotion to pour out again.

And now I sit here and listen to "The Genius and the Tramp," and it sounds so simple, so pretty, and so sad.

So where did you go? What did you know?
You can't hide your head in the clouds forever.
What did we say about drifting away?
'It won't happen to us 'cause we're too clever.'
I guess we weren't that clever.

What did we say about drifting away? I guess we weren't that clever, after all.

Milburn - "Cheshire Cat Smile"
Milburn - "Lipstick Lickin'"
Milburn - "Rudiments"
Milburn - "What About Next Time?"
Head to their 'Space to hear "The Genius and the Tramp."

Milburn's last show will be 24 May at the Academy, Sheffield, UK.

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