08 April 2008

Stuck in my Head : Mystery Jets, "Young Love"

I grabbed a copy of Mystery Jets' so-called attempt at a Christmas #1, "Flakes," back in December sometime, but it wasn't until I was on a bus heading back from Boston back in March after having spent the weekend maybe listening to too much Nightmare of You that it really caught my attention and I put these guys on my "listen to more" list.

So apparently the 'Jets have just released their second record, Twenty One, in the UK. (I don't really pay well enough attention to this sort of thing.) It features "Flakes" and also this little gem, "Young Love":

Um. HOW FUCKING ADORABLE IS THAT VIDEO? And how amazingly catchy is that song...? When the line You wrote your number on my hand/But came off in the rain came up, I really said "AWWWWW" out loud for no one to hear. I do like the more introspective, sadder feel of "Flakes" maybe a bit more than their all-out powerpop, but really, you know me. I'm a sucker for handclaps and fingersnaps and harmonies. I'll take either one.

Mystery Jets - "Young Love"
Mystery Jets - "Flakes"

Right now, they've just got a slew of tour dates for the UK listed. I'm too lazy to repost them, so you can see them here.

Seriously. Boys. When you're in the States, call me. We'll go out for drinks and sing pop songs and so forth. It'll be good times.

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