21 April 2008

SUB Party : Soirée dans le métro parisien !!!

So this really isn't musically-related, but you all know how much I love the Parisian nightlife.

Essentially, somebody's come up with the idea of having a party in the Paris metro - not just in the metro station, but in a car on one of the line six trains:

Un aller-retour sans changement soit environ une heure de folie !!! Les néons du wagons seront recouverts pour une ambiance boite de nuit, nous apporterons enceintes et lumière, installerons un bar d'appoint !!!! Une bonne petite soirée comme on les aime mais dans un wagon de métro !!!

For those who don't speak French, basically, everyone "spontaneously" shows up at the terminus station (either Charles de Gaulle-Etoile or Nation) and crowds into a car on the train. They'll cover up the lights for a more "night club" feel, bring speakers and music, and do a round-trip ride on the line, which takes about an hour. (I'm especially happy that it's going down on the line 6, because that was one of my two lines. Also, great views of the Eiffel Tower.)

The next SUB Party will be 26th April at 9 pm at Nation. So far, according to Facebook, 326 people are planning on going, which, um, might pose a problem. (Also, I can't imagine that covering up the lights will go over very well with the RATP, although I've seen people bring sound systems on the metro before - mainly buskers - and I once saw an entire train full of fire fighters on strike, so...maybe they're used to it.) Also, I like how they insist that you're not supposed to bring alcohol, as there's supposedly no drinking in public. (HA. Because we never drank on the metro...)

I guess this is playing off of the "flash mob" sort of thing (somebody else is organising a "silent dance party" in Union Square sometime soon, wherein everybody dances to their on iPods, and there are people grooooooaning about how that's soooooooo passé), but I think it should be loads of fun, especially since I've found French kids to be a lot less pretentious about this sort of thing that the American hipster who complains and then shows up anyway.

If you're going to be in Paris on the 26th, check it out...and report back.

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  1. Next Sub Party : July the 4th.
    Meeting point to be precised a few days before, via the Facebook group.