24 April 2008

Today is tequila day.

That's right, kids, today is the day of senior banquet, the time in every Smithie's life wherein she dresses up and drinks with her house mates and tells long and rambling stories about people nobody but the seniors know, and they all think this is hilarious, and the rest of the house is either mildly amused or downright bored, but they tolerate it, because in a few years, they'll get to do the same thing. Actually, that sounds like a lot of times in every Smithie's life.

Except now there's Indian food. Indian House downtown must LOVE this time of year.

In celebration of all this, here's something off of The (r)Oc(k)tagon's self-titled debut.

The Octagon - "(Today Is) Tequila Day"

Happy Thursday.

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