06 May 2008

Nothing's On Telly : Music's gone to the dogs.

Two new music videos from two of my favourites. First, The Long Blondes' "Guilt."

"Couples" was released today in the US. It's not Someone To Drive You Home but still rather brilliant.

Secondly, We Are Scientists' "Chick Lit."

Brain Thrust Mastery is released in the US on the 13th. I haven't taken to it too much, but this song has grown on me now.

In other news, I've heard rumours that one Micheal Tapper will be touring with one Bishop Allen this spring. Yippee!

1 comment:

  1. Chick Lit is actually my fave from the album based on about 10-12 listens. A good choice of single I think. The whole album has grown on me no end the more I let myself listen to it.