06 May 2008

Stuck In My Head (like, hardcore) : Baker - "Reputation" (and the rest of their record, too)

Middle East, Cambridge, MA

Oh, I can hear all of you now. Half of you kids that read this thing on any sort of regular basis are going, "Come on, I've known about Baker since for, like, ever, God, where have you been?" Fabulous for you, I say, and I'll tell you where I've been.

The first time I "saw" Baker was in June '06 at the Knitting Factory in NYC. I put "saw" in quotes, because I didn't actually stay for their set, because my dad wanted to leave. Yes, you read that correctly. So, uh, thanks, Dad...*

The first time I actually saw Baker play was in February '08 and wound up in keyboardist Nicole's kitchen 'til 6 am, which is amusing because like, dude, 6 am. Since then, I've seen the Boston-based quintet three times, which is quite a few times in just four months and considering I don't live in Boston. If I fail my classes this semester, it's because I was at UMass on Sunday to see them play instead of writing papers. Oops.

But, really, it's hard to give up the opportunity to see them play. Their official bio what-not says, "Blessed with a melodic cacophony that veers away from the standard, formulaic rock song, they drive straight at you with an unabashed zealousness that makes you want to dance and break things at the same time."

Um. Okay. That's a lot of adjectives and fancy words. Look, they're really fucking good, okay? They create the sort pop-based rock that's filled with melody and sing-along choruses, but that also takes unexpected yet completely welcome turns, that fluctuates between peppy and introspective and gritty, and it's all played with such balls-to-the-wall enthusiasm that if you're not dancing along by the end of "Autumn" or "Reputation," then you must be made of stone or something. LOOK, THERE WERE HIPSTER KIDS DANCING AT THE UMASS SHOW OKAY?! If the hipsters are dancing, they must be doing something right.

Oh, their video for "Fingers" is pretty hilarious as well:

Baker - "Reputation" [link]

Seriously, I don't buy into the whole "next next next big thing" hype; honestly, it's disgusting sometimes. But these kids seem to be making a name for themselves, and I wouldn't be surprised to see them on top someday. Just watch. One day, you'll tell me I was right.

Or you'll tell me that you were right because you were, after all, listening to ages ago. Whatever floats your boat.

Upcoming shows:

10 May The Basement - Northampton, MA
24 May The Annex - New York, NY
7 June T.T. the Bear's - Cambridge, MA
11 June Red Square - Albany, NY

*No, actually, Dad, if you're reading this, thanks for taking me to that show. I really mean that.

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