22 July 2008

Check This : Passion Pit

Back in May, during Senior Week, I went out for dinner at some new noodle joint with two friends and one of my friend's brother, whom I had met two years prior at a dance party in my friend's room but hadn't seen since, and my friend was all like "Katy writes a music blog" and her brother was all like "Check out my friends' band, Passion Pit" and went on for about five minutes about how amazing they were and I felt all not-hip and shit and so I went home that night and checked them out and thought "Not bad," and now it's July and apparently in that two month span, Passion Pit has done some stuff like signed to this little label called Frenchkiss Records and been voted "best local act" by this little poll run by this little station called WFNX and this little publication called The Boston Phoenix and now they're playing the WFNX New England Product show at the Middle East down on 8th August and "Better Things" is all of my speakers right now and I am totes dancing all around my basement as I write this no rly fr srs.

Passion Pit - "Sleepyhead"
Passion Pit - "Better Things"

Their first EP, Chunk of Change, is out on 16th September. Here's the poster for that 8th August show:


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