21 July 2008

MySpace It : New NoY stuff.

Blender Theatre, NYC

We have been hesitant to post demos and had to discuss the risks of plaguing you with demoitis. When these songs get recorded for real in an actual recording studio with the proper gear and instruments and production tricks we want to hear it is inevitable that we will see the "I liked the demo version better" all over the place because you kids are too cool for school and heard it before everyone else. Well good for you. We don't care anymore. The song "I Think I'm Getting Older" was recorded in my small brooklyn bedroom (along with 6 others so far) with the exception of the drums which we tracked down the street. I have very minimal gear and even less recording/mixing skills so it is what it is. Like I said, if we are still feeling good about these songs when the time comes we plan to record them properly. For now you are going to have to settle for the demo just don't get too comfy. Let us know what you think. If this seems like a good idea perhaps we'll put a new one up each week. No promises. We have about 6-7 more demos just about finished and about another half dozen songs almost ready to record. For those of you in NYC who are 21+ or have a solid fake ID we'll see you Thursday.

Emphasis mine. They have a point. And I like that they're frank about it.

You can hear "I Think I'm Getting Older" on their 'Space.

Nightmare of You will be playing Rehab (formerly Club Midway) on Thursday, 24th July, with Saints and Lovers.

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