11 October 2008

The Like head out on tour with Conor Oberst and go nowhere near the east coast.

amazing, right? how long has it been? too fucking long if you ask me. i feel like a whole new person!!! a girl, in a band (that just happens to be really cool in my opinion), playing new songs, packing a suitcase with new stage clothes bought last year in hopes of going on tour, finally going on tour.

so thank you, conor oberst and the mystic valley band, for giving us this opportunity to play our instruments in front of people, wear outfits we would get (and have been) laughed at for wearing out in the real world, and for getting us out of this smog-ridden city for a week or so.

Dates as follows:

16th October - Ogden​ Theat​re - Denve​r,​ CO
17th October - Solar​ Cente​r - Taos,​ NM
18th October - Rialt​o Theat​re - Tucso​n,​ AZ
19th October - SOMA - San Diego​,​ CA
21st October - Music​ Box @ Fonda​ - Los Angel​es,​ CA
22nd October - Music​ Box @ Fonda​ - Los Angel​es,​ CA
23rd October - Fox Theat​re - Visal​ia,​ CA
24th October - The Warfi​eld - San Franc​isco,​ CA

The Like finished recording their follow up to Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking? about a year ago, actually, but no word on when it'll be released. That I've seen, anyway.

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