11 October 2008

Franz Ferdinand announce title of third record, play three NYC shows, none of which I made / can make.

From VanityFair.com:

Before playing a crisp, truncated set that mixed classics (“Take Me Out”) with one or two new songs, singer-guitarist Alex Kapranos and drummer Paul Thomson of Franz Ferdinand told me that they have settled on a name for their upcoming third album, which is due out in January. It’s gonna be called Tonight. (I had to ask Thomson to spell that, which gives you an idea of how thick the dude’s Scottish accent is.)

Franz played MHoW twice this week, and they're scheduled to play Diesel's thirtieth birthday party today. I've been so out of touch, I didn't realise one of my favourite-favourite bands was playing in town until the day of, which is just silly. Ah, well. I'll have to catch them when they come around next year.

Tonight is supposed to drop in January of '09. You can listen to "Lucid Dreams" on their 'Space (or download it here until I get unlazy enough to delete it.)

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