27 March 2009

Fangirls On The Road, Day Eight : Port City Music Hall, Portland, 3/13/09

Ad inifiTim. Har har, I'm so clever, I'm making that joke all over the place.

Credit to Rachel.

Oh, the last of the confetti.

Before we arrived at Port City Music Hall, I looked up the show online and found it was listed as "chem-free." "What the hell's a 'chem-free' show?" I asked. Apparently "chem-free" means "we're not serving alcohol because this is an 18+ show instead of a 21+ show." Oh, that's fantastic. Although venues should be warned that when there are bands involved, there's really no such thing as a "chem-free" show.

Anyway. Pre-show, Rachel and I ran into Dan Konopka of OK Go in Subway, of all places, wherein he let us in on the fact that OK Go was planning to play a big prank on openers Longwave. A "have a pizza delivered to your friend's place when they didn't order one"-sized prank. Actually, that's exactly what they did:

It would have been a better prank if I'd gotten some pizza, though.

At the end of Longwave's set, Dan and Damian both joined them onstage for "Life Is Wrong":

Please note that the first minute of the video is them getting their shit together. It's also a really good argument as to why one shouldn't wear all white onstage. When we caught up with Steve during OK Go's set, I pointedly asked, "Why are you dressed like Jesus?" I don't think he got it.

And so, it ended. OK Go played their set, we hung around and rubbed elbows for a while, absolutely no celebratory drinks were had (curses to "chem-free"!), and Rachel and I headed home the next day, stopping at one of New Hampshire's several rest-stops-cum-liquor-shoppes - something which, given the lack of drinks the night before, we maybe should have done on the way up instead of the way down. Ta da!

Now, who wants to give me a job as a tour manager? Anyone?

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