17 March 2009

In The Studio : Jordan's making a new record (eventually) and has a demo for you.

So I absolutely forgot that French group Jordan had released a record last year and had toured the US and I missed them and all that. My brain is made of Swiss cheese sometimes. (I almost wrote "parfois," but then I remembered that a lot of you probably don't speak fluent Franglais.)

So here's some new news from them:

Hey friends!

some fresh news:

*we are in the process of writing several new songs and are really excited about it!
*we gonna leave for a small tour in June (8th to 18th). it's in Europe and you can get in touch if you wanna set up a show or just have a free hug...
*after that it's summer break, shitty season for Jordan, but we have a new bigger tour in Fall, possibly far far away and its the time when we'll record the new shit for real!

stay tuned! i know you hate march but we can't wait to have fun with all of you very soon!

Take Care

Long story short, they're demoing, touring, taking a break, touring again in the fall, and making another record after that.

In the meantime, the demo for their new song "Tropics" is available on the À Decouvrir Absolument vol. 15 mixtape (it's difficult to translate "À decouvrir absolument" without sounding too literal, but it's pretty much "stuff you absolutely need to discover") along with a bunch of other acts. Jordan warns, "the version will probably change on a new recording but enjoy it!"

You can download ADA vol. 15 here. (Scroll down to "Télécharger ÀDA Volume 15," for you non-francophiles out there.)

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