18 March 2009

Looker was NPR's song of the day. Eight days ago. Oops.

I'm a bit late on the uptake here (sorry, I was in New Haven sans internet when this happened), but y'all know how much I love Looker, so when they get the attention they deserve, it's sorta' exciting. The title track to their 2008 release Born In The Desert was NPR's song of the day on the 18th, to glowing review:

Just because Looker's "Born In The Desert" doesn't have roaring power chords, a simple 4/4 backbeat or explicit aggression doesn't mean that there weren't plenty of songs like it that were categorized as punk during the late '70s. The do-it-yourself aesthetic of the time resulted in many different musical approaches, even if the quick codification of the canonical sound forced everything else underground to either die or eke out an existence long enough for "post-punk" music to arrive and make sense of it.

And so on and so forth. Hooray!

Looker - "Born In The Desert" [ysi] [zshare]

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