20 March 2009

Z Berg of The Like is playing an acoustic show on the 28th.

I was just starting to get really antsy about The Like's next record - where in the world is it already? When lo and behold...

Well hi there! Generally I'm too scared of the interweb to make much an appearance here on myspace, but here I am to say, "While The Like is trying to finish up our record with Mark Ronson, I am in the meantime playing an acoustic show with my friends Mike Runion and Blake Mills (formerly of Simon Dawes) at 'Home' in Silverlake (www.homesilverlake.com) on the 28th of march.
Mickey Madden will be djing, and all in all it will be funnn! Hope to see anybody there!"

love, z

I promise we will finish our record!!!

All right, well, that doesn't give me any good news about the record, but at least they're still alive.

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