17 April 2009

Bishop Allen have NPR's Song of the Day.

Bishop Allen's "The Lion and the Teacup," of their latest release, Grrr, is NPR's Song of the Day today:

Jungle metaphors, tales of international intrigue and philosophical ruminations inform Grrr...It marks a clear evolution from the ennui-ridden, youthful indie-heartache that colored much of the band's first two albums, Charm School and The Broken String (which are compellingly angsty in their own right). This time, rather than simply feeling sorry for themselves, Bishop Allen's characters are fighting back.

And so on. I still like that "youthful indie-heartache," though.

Bishop Allen - "The Lion and the Teacup"

Bishop Allen are currently on tour in Europe, but they'll be back in early June for Northside Fest, which I keep meaning to post about and then forget.

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