17 April 2009

OPP : Boozy bands, Coachella, 99 cents, and Paste.

Here are a few mismatched OPPs 'cause...it's Friday. And I'm lazy.

New York Magazine : The Hold Steady and Music's Booziest Bands and Artists

Interesting. Topping the list are Guided by Voices, The Pogues, Cat Power, and, um. The Hold Steady. As stated in the title. Do you agree with their choices?


Paid Content.org : Price Hikes Dampened iTunes Sales

Sales figures from iTunes show that tracks that now sell for $1.29, up from $0.99, sold 12.5 percent fewer units than during the previous week, while tracks whose prices were unchanged sold 10 percent more than the week before.

Although a commenter pointed out, "Well, from a purely financial perspective, they got the perfect result, if they sold fewer items, but made more revenue. that means higher operating margin, and therefore more profit."


Pitchfork posted their scheduling guide for Coachella this weekend. If you're interested in that sort of thing. Or are, ya' know. Actually going to Coachella.


In honour of Record Store Day, which is TOMORROW, Paste is doing their Name Your Own Subscription Price thing again. 12 issues and 12 samplers, for whatever you feel like paying.

I actually don't know what/if I'll be doing anything for RSD - I'd love to, but most of my day will be spent in transit heading to see those "sorely missed powerpoppers" in Boston. But don't miss out, if you can avoid it.

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