08 April 2009

Grab your FREE Homosexuals mp3s.

Clicking on the above link will give you the opportunity to grab SIX totally FREE Homosexuals mp3s ("Fanfare," "Slow Guns," "3AM (Pink Pony)" from the Love Guns? EP, "Pentecost 2016," "Fay Gash," and "In Search of the Perfect Baby" from the upcoming Important if True EP), courtesy of Serious Business.

The Homosexuals played SXSW and then embarked on a follow-up tour that garnered a whole lot of incredible press. Seriously. That's just three links of like, a million. I can't even list it all here. Which is why all the pictures, press, videos, and more have been culled together by Ser Biz for your viewing pleasure over here.

Missed the Homos on tour? If you live in Boston, they'll be playing at the 'Dise on 7th May.

1 comment:

  1. Saw the band in Portland and they were fucking amazing! Where the fuck did that Apache Beat bass player come from? He is just beautiful!!! We never saw anyone play like that and with such passion and class. The whole band were tops. Only con was the eighty year old corpse of a Wizard who ran his mouth a good forty minutes after the set ended. For some reason he took it upon himself to give the remaining attendees what he called a "history of Reggae drumming" which was awful. I felt for the rest of the band who patiently waited it out by the merch table with half smiles and sighs. As incredible as the reformed Homosexuals are the Wizard needs to get a grip on his ego. Didn't help that he kept trying to pick up my 17 year old friend. Creepy guy. Owwww.